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Appliance Maintenance Tips

Here at Varouj Appliances, we truly care about our customers and their purchases, and want to assure up-most satisfaction, and utilization of their appliances. For our next blog, we will be providing you with some tips to maintain and get the most of your Oven, Range Hood, Dryer, Washer, Refrigerator, and more! Refer to our tips below:

1. Clean your range's cook-top drip bowls. Remove the drip bowls underneath the burner elements and pre-soak them with cleaning solution for about five minutes. Then hand wash and replace. Always clean drip bowls immediately after spills.

2. Clean or replace dirty range hood or downdraft vent filters. To check out the hoods we sell Click Here

3. Make sure your oven door is sealed tight, if not, your oven can lose over 20 percent of its heat, which would cause your food to take longer to cook, or cook unevenly.

4. Clean your dryer exhaust. Lint gathered in the dryer exhaust not only reduces it's efficiency, but is also a fire hazard.

5. Check washing machine hoses for leaks, or cracks, as most washing machine floods are caused by those issues. If you find any damages, replace the hose. Feel free to give Varouj Appliances a call if you need to replace your hose.

6. Clean your air conditioner filter every two to four weeks, to increase efficiency and prolong life. To clean the filter, remove the front panel of the unit. If a reusable filter is in place, vacuum it to remove as much dirt as possible. Disposable filters can simply be replaced.

If you feel it's time for a new appliance, or need maintenance or re-installation to any of your existing appliances, feel free to give us a call!

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