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New Refrigerator Buying Guide


When it comes to purchasing a new fridge, there's much more to consider than just the capacity/size. With all of todays' latest technology, it's difficult to know where to start, but have no worries, Varouj Appliances is here to help. For this week's blog, we'll be going in depth, and covering everything you need to know, to make your next refrigerator purchase a breeze.


Space Management

First-and-foremost, measure the area of where you plan to install your refrigerator, as well as the door it must go through, and the room/space you have to get the fridge through, to ensure the perfect fit.


Refrigerator Type

The most common Refrigerator types are: Top-freezer, side-by-side, and bottom door. We suggest you're well informed about these options, to ensure best refrigerator for your home. The difference between them is the opening space, click here to browse our different refrigerator types.


Energy Efficiency

Many of Varouj Appliances Refrigerators are ENERGY STAR® qualified, which translates to savings for you. If saving money on energy is important to you, just check for the Energy Star Feature in the data sheet portion of the appliance you are viewing.


Consider Refrigerator Capacity

From 1.4 to 28 Cubic feet, there are many of options for capacity from Varouj Appliances. To make the best decision regarding fridge size, you’ll need to determine the amount of food that needs to be stored, considering the size of your household, and rate of consumption. Each household has their own unique eating habits, and the best way to know what capacity is right is to consider not only how much food you will be storing, but the size of the food as well, and the size of your household.