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WHIRLPOOL 7.4 cu.ft Front Load Ventless Heat Pump Dryer with Advanced Moisture Sensing, 8 cycles CHROME SHADOW

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Data sheet

Width 27
Microwave Capacity (Cu. Ft.) NaN
Height 39
ENERGY STAR® Certified true
Depth 32
Convection |
Color Chrome Shadow

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Depth 31-3/4 in
Depth With Door Open 90 Degree 51-3/4 in
Height 39.0 in
Maximum Height 39.0 in
Minimum Height 38-3/4 in
Width 27.0 in
Configuration and Overview
ADA Compliant Yes
Fuel Type Electric
Prop 65 CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS ONLY - WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
Door Style Side Swing
Reversible Door Yes
Window Yes
Automatic Temperature Controls Yes
End of Cycle Signal Yes
Cycles and Options
Cycle Time Remaining Yes
Lint Filter Indicator Yes
Number of Dryer Cycles 8
Number of Dryness Levels 3
Number of Temperatures 4
Drum Material Stainless Steel
Drying Rack No
Interior Light Yes
Moisture Sensor Yes
Quad Baffles Yes
Secondary Lint Filter Yes
Steam Hose Y Connector No
Ventilation System
Venting Direction Ventless - Heat Pump
Energy Star® Qualified ENERGY STAR® Certified
Prop 65 CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS ONLY - WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
Hz 60
Volts 240



Verified Customer

Hi, I have the previous version of this dryer (WED99HED) and I wanted to let everyone know that after using it for 3 years, I WILL NEVER USE ANYTHING BUT A FULL-SIZE HEAT PUMP, VENTLESS DRYER. Thank-you Whirlpool so much!!!! Our dryer has been great. It dries clothes very well and at a much lower temperature than a regular electric (or gas) dryer - so drying my wife's stretchy sports clothes is allowed. :-) Even most of her sweaters I can dry in this dryer. All of our clothes come out warm and dry but not hot. Also, our house is one of the most energy-efficient in the USA, and this dryer is a big part of that. Using a regular electric or gas dryer is like leaving a window open half-way for the whole time you are using the dryer. While there isn't one window where the air is coming in, it is coming in around every small crack around every window and door because a regular dryer is constantly sending hot, wet air outside which needs to be replaced (otherwise your house would soon not have any air in it). Think of how much $ you spent for your furnace to heat your house in the winter or your air conditioner to cool your house in the summer, and now you are having your regular dryer throw it all outside. In addition, you've probably noticed how the inside of a regular dryer which hasn't been used recently is cold in the winter and warm in the summer. That's because of air coming in through the dryer vent. More air you have to pay for your furnace or air conditioner to heat or cool. Whirlpool's ventless, heat-pump dryers don't do any of that since there is no silver duct leading outside. In simple terms, the heat-pump dryers dehumidify the air inside the dryer and the heat from running the dehumidifier warms the clothes. All of the heat and air stays inside the dryer. The water from the clothes is sent down the same drain your washing machine empties into. It is ingenious! A great extra with a ventless, heat-pump dryer is that you can put it anywhere and not just in a room with an outside wall. A second floor linen closet can become a second floor laundry. Just once a week, vacuum-out the filter behind the small door at the bottom left of the front of the dryer to get rid of the accumulated lint. It takes me about 3 minutes. (note: Whirlpool, the closing/latching mechanism on the door is a little finicky. I'm sure you can come up with a better design. Put a little effort here.) Anyway, our Whirlpool ventless, heat-pump dryer has been GREAT for 3 years and still runs like it did when we first got it. I don't ever want to use anything but one like this - and I've been doing our family laundry for 18 years.


Verified Customer

I bought this dryer the end of 2015. I can't vent in my building, I thought this was perfect. For the first year it did work well. Then it started taking much longer to dry, I had purchased 5year extended warranty, the repair man cleaned all the lint from inside the dryer, it worked ok again for a bit. I've had the dryer cleaned at least 3-4 times still same issue. Now what happens is the dryer overheats while it's drying shuts of and has to cool down 1/2-hour to 45 min to cool down before I can start it again. Some times it takes 5 hours to dry one load! The service tech said it's something to do with the electric coming in to the building, no not so. Also said that they can't service this unit anymore till I fix the problem. The electrical is not the issue. What am I to do now! Do not buy this dryer! They need to go back to the drawing board with this one.


Verified Customer

I have owned this dryer for 18 months. I was very happy in the beginning. The no vent feature was why I purchased because I live in a high rise with no ability to vent. It replaced a European (Bosch) no vent dryer that only baked the clothes at a very high temperature. I have fastidiously cleaned both vents after each load. Now on the coils behind the lower filter and behind an inaccessible screen, lint is building up. Dryer times are much longer than when first installed. I called for service. The factory authorized repairman contacted Whirlpool tech center asking how to clean the lint on the coils. He was told it cannot be done. I now have an $1800 dryer that is basically useless - it now takes forever to dry to get the moisture removed. I can air dry sheets quicker than the dryer can!


Verified Customer

I traded in my samsung dryer in because it damaged most of my clothes due to a musty smell I could not remove. With the Whirlpool I have not had that problem.


Verified Customer

We purchased this dryer in the fall of 2015 in order to shift the appliances around to be next to each other for ease of use, without having to re-run the vent line. I was also attracted by the fact it would be less energy consuming while being more gentle on the clothes whilst drying. Based on our ownership experience over these past years I would never purchase this dryer again. It has let us down time and time again, not performing the one job it was made to do...DRY CLOTHES!!! There was never a time this appliance performed the same from day to day. Most times, the drying time is twice that which should be required, running multiple cycles. Not very energy efficient if you ask me. Other times it fails to dry clothes completely, shutting off after one cycle or mid-cycle because of the sensor operation. Techs recommended using the "timed dry" setting only. WHY DOES IT HAVE A SENSOR OPTION THEN? Other times we'd be drying multiple loads (as a household does when you have kids and laundry piles up) and the drum wouldn't turn on starting the cycle. The dryer would turn on, but the drum failed to turn. We have had visits from appliance techs multiple times who have told us, "i have never worked on one of these", "there's no errors, seems to be working", "I'm going to replace the control board, its showing a fault", "just use the timed dry setting, the sensor mode doesn't work well as dry clothes could be hitting it instead of the wet ones", "you have to keep the lint traps clean" (trust me, we do), "whirlpool says it will keep running cycles until the clothes are dry, it will keep resetting itself" (meanwhile the clothes are dry and its running another full cycle). This dryer is complete GARBAGE, and NO tech knows how to work on it because of the alternate technology it uses. It is a huge costs investment and will not be worth it! I would not take a chance on it unless it comes with an extended service plan and full support. Be prepared to get entirely frustrated trying to do a simple thing like laundry.


Verified Customer

Removing the Bosch compact dryer was a joyful day. Clothes come out fresher, less wrinkled, very much less beaten up. Rather than three or four loads a day, everday - now its three days a week. ThankYou Whirlpool for bringing us a lifestyle change!!


Verified Customer

Like other reviewers here, I have the lint build up behind the non-removable screen. I also had a service call and was also told it couldn't be fixed. Now the dryer takes 2+ hours for 1/2 filled dryer. Recently it just stops half way through drying. I have to let it rest for 20 minutes before it can restart. My Bosch lasted 10 years. This, just 2. Very disappointed about such an expensive purchase.


Verified Customer

I've had problems with this dryer from the day it was installed. The repairman has been here countless times. The dryer doesn't dry--it takes hours to dry 2 bath sheets. I've started air drying my linen--it's quicker. I get the error code E1/F9 every couple of weeks, needing yet another service call. The control board has been replaced. I think Whirlpool needs to take the ventless unit off the market, or at very least, replace my dud with a new vented unit--I prefer to do the necessary construction to install a vent than have a fickle dryer that opts to work on a schedule of its own.


Verified Customer

We bought this because it has a lower carbon footprint. While Energy Star worries about the cost of drying a load (less than 1.5 kWh) the real cost of each is increased by the exhaust of heated air from the house, about 2.5 kWh. Admittedly in the south the problem is reversed with heat build up. That said, the Whirlpool HybridCare vent-less is efficient. It dries the clothes well. As for heat build up, in the heating season we capture the heat. In the summer, we put the ERV on high speed to exhaust the heat. The motor failed within a month and it took 10 day to replace. As others have noticed, the inner filter for the condenser is accumulating lint. I expect the service tech will need to clean it every 9-12 months. Definitely a design flaw. Hopefully those are the only issues.


Verified Customer

I inherited this dryer when we bought this apt. This is the worst dryer I have ever owned. After drying two loads the red light goes on indicating the bottom filter needs to be cleaned. It takes forever to dry anything, the normal cycle is useless, have to dry everything on bulky or heavy duty cycle which takes hours. The only reason anyone would purchase this machine is because of the ventless feature which is why I'm stuck with it. There are clearly huge flaws with this dryer, whirlpool should stand behind this product and do something about it.

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WHIRLPOOL 7.4 cu.ft Front Load Ventless Heat Pump Dryer with Advanced Moisture Sensing, 8 cycles CHROME SHADOW